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Our mission is simple: celebrate the beauty of the world that surrounds us through a digital journey around the globe. We’ll post one new PixelTrekker photopainting every Tuesday and Friday, for one full year. Each photopainting is more than just the digital representation of one small place in time and space. It is a custom artistic expression of color, of light, of dark, of joys, and of sorrows. More importantly, each photopainting represents a story, and to that story, we each contribute our own narrative.

One year: 105 photopaintings.

Our process beautifully combines stunning photography with unique artistic expression in a process we call photopainting. Photographs at the heart of our artwork are curated through a combination of PixelTrekker staff as well as amazing photographers who graciously contribute their work to projects such as Unsplash and Pixabay.

Thank you for joining us as we digitally trek around the globe, one story at a time.

— The PixelTrekker Team

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